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albums list

10sion: Lost In The Game, 1999 (Borderline Records)
10sion: Black N Brown Ent. 2002 (Black N Brown Ent.)
14 Caliber: Home Sweet Home, (Foot 2 Your Face Records)
14 Caliber: Through the Eyes of a Pitt, 2003 (Starz the Limit)
17 Reasons: 1998 (Black N Brown) Released on Tape and CD
17 Reasons Skrewed N Chopped, 2001 (Black N Brown)
18 With A Bullet, 1999 (Black N Brown)
559 Affilianoz, 2005 (11550 Records)
Around Our Way, Fat Steve & Big Oso Loc, 2006 (Higher Records)
B-Tee aka Cash Crop: The Harvest, 2008 (Pistol Grip Productions)
Baby Boy Ene: California Massacre, 2005 (Recognize Ent.)
Baby Boy Ene: TCN, 2004 (Recognize Ent.)
Baby Ray & DJ40oz: Monumental, 2014 (inked up Entertainment/ Soaring high Records)
Balled Out, Connected Inc. Presents, 2004 (Connected inc)
Balled Out Silver N Black (Connected Inc.)
Bandit: U Cant Kill Whats Already Dead, (Royalty Entertainment Enterprises)
Banned Gang Stories
Big Cholo: Notoriously Naaaasty, 2012 (Nasty North Records)
Big Chuco: California Bear, (Drunk Funk/ Pit Bull Vicious Ent.)
Big Chuco & Keek Dogg: Pineapples and Pinatas (Drunk Funk/14 Caliber)
Big Mister: Hog Credentials (Hog Ent)
Big Oso Loc: 114% Gangsta The Mixtape v.1
Big Oso Loc: 114% Gangsta The Mixtape V.2
Big Oso Loc: Just Another Day, 2004 (Starz the Limit)
Big Oso Loc: Ready for Whatever, 2006 (RTS Entertainment)
Big Tone: From The Streets of California, 2011 (Sav it Out)
Big Tone: Merciless, 2004 (Sav it Out)
Bit Tone: Rootz of All Evil, 2005 (Sav it Out)
Big Tone: Sly, Slick, & Wicked, (Sav it Out)
Black N Brown Ryda Thugz 2001 v.1 (Black N Brown)
Black N Brown Ryda Thugz 2002 Skrewed n Chopped (Black N Brown)
Brown Area 4, 2003 (Darkroom Familia)
Brown Area: Power N Numbers, Darkroom Familia Presents, 2000 (Darkroom Familia
Brown Skin Artist: Street Stories, 2005 (Criminal Records)
CVH Central Valley Hustlers: Millenium Ballers 2001, 2000 (C Major Records)
The Chubalation, 2007 (Salty Block Ent)
City 2 City Unforgiven Streets, 2007 (Hillside Ent/Knowledge)
City Mob Status, 2006 (Deep Sleep Records)
Conspiracy: Educated Gangster, 2014 (BMC Records)
The Darkroom Family: Barrio Love, 1997 (Darkroom Familia/ Explicit Entertainment) Released on tape and CD
Davina: On Some Real, 2009 (Sav it Out)
Davina: Beauty In The Beast, 2013 (Queen Status Records)
​Davina: Welcome to My Realm, 2015 (Queen Status Record)
Deadly Game Clique: Propositions, 1997 (Federal Records)
Dirty Water Struggles (GhettoLine Productions)
DJ 40oz & Baby Ray: Striving to the Top, 2013 (DND Muzik)
DJ 40oz: Throwback Music, 2015 (Inked Up Entertainment)
Doc 9: City 2 City Un4givin Streets, 2007/2009 (Knowledge/ Hillside Entertainment)
Down By the Bowl 
Drew The Duke: Split Personality, 2008 (PalmTree Ent.)
Drug Lordz Movie
Drug Lordz Motion Picture Soundtrack, (Brown Power Records)
Fat Steve: We Comin, 2004 (Higher Records)
Fat Steve N Big Oso Loc: Around Our Way, (Higher Records)
Flaco Loks: Salad Bowl Gangsta (G Spot Ent.)
Freddy Chingaz: Thizz Latin, 2006 ( Thizz Latin )
From the Barrio with Love, (Darkroom Familia)
Funk on Sight, 2004 (Somethin Vicious Records)
Funk on Sight II, 2004 (Something Vicious Records)
Gang Stories: The Darkroom Uncensored, 1999 (Darkroom Familia)
GUN: Generations of United Nortenos, 1998 (North Star Records)
Ghetto confessions: Neighborhood Family, 2003 (Kaliko Entertainment)
Ghetto Graduate Vol. 2, (Nasty North Records/ DND Muzik)
Gillateen Muzik: Smokin N Ridin, (NKC Records)
Higher Records Value Pack, 2005 (Higher Records
Hill Side Ent. Presents Streets Be Watchin Mixtape, 2006 (Hill Side Entertainment)
Hill Side Ent. Presents Art of War: War Games, (Hillside Entertainment)
Hoodstarz: Block Hustlin, (Lowdown/MAE Muzik)
Jiffy Silent Psycho: Lonely Soldier
Kriminal: Ready 4 Eternity, (11550 Records)
Kriminal: Mi Vida Loka X4 (11550 Records)
Kriminal: Mi Vida Loka X4 Remastered Edition (11550 Records/Homeboyrap)
Lil Coner: Mama Tried, 2003 (Connected Inc.)
Lil Coner: Childhood, 2007 (Connected Inc)
Lil Coner: Portraits of a Gangstar, 2006 (Connected Inc)
Lil Coner & C-Locs: Smile Now Cry Later, 2008 (Connected inc.)
​LilConer: Day Of the Dead, 2012 (Connected inc.)
Lil Coner & Keek Dogg: Street Tattoo, 2013 (Connected Inc.)
Lil Dee: Follow The Leader, 2012 (RTR Music)
Lil Evil: Turf Thick, (Muddy Records)
Lil Raider: The Nasty North, (Monster Grip Records)
Lil Raider Tha Nasty North 2, 2007(Nasty North Records)
M.A.E. Presents Thugoholic: Addicted 2 This Thug Shit, 2002 (MAE Muzik)
Maloso: Like it or Not
Men of Honor, 2001 (Darkroom Familia)
Mode Lokz: Criminal Grind, 2000 (Sidewayz Muzik)
Mousie: Lifestyles of the Broke and Scandlous, 2002 (2 the Curb Ent./Starz the Limit)
Mr. 21: Mexican Phobia, (Criminal Records)
Mr Kee: 14kt Dreams, 2000 (Black-N-Brown Entertainment)
Mr Happy Locs: Death B4 Dishonor (SBF Records)
N-Town Invasion, 2007 (N-Town Lifestyles Records)
Never: Life of Crime, 2004 (Califaz Ent.)
Noodlez & Tuloc: From The Alleys of Kali, (Unknown Productions)
Nor Cal Factorz, 2004 (Platinum Dope Entertainment, Darkroom Familia, Brown Power Records) The Hi-tec Mobulation, 2003 (Sidewayz Muzik)
Nortelation, Mr Muerte Presents Pistol Cee & N*Speedy,  2002 (Maintainin Records)
North Pole 2, 2008 (Darkroom Familia)
North Side Rolas Vol. 1, 2006 (Homeboyrap)
North Side Story, 2003 ($$ Entertainment)
Northern Cali Night Stalkers: The Strangulation, (Evil Side Records)
Northern Expozure V.1, (East Coco Records)
Northern Expozure V.2 (East Coco Records)
Northern Expozure V.4 (East Coco Records)
Northern Expozure V.5 (East Coco Records)
Northern Expozure V.6, 2005 (East Coco Records)
Northern Ghetto Boys, 2000 (GhettoLine Productions)
Northern Livin V.1
Northern Livin V.2 World Class Game, 2007, (Salty Block Ent.)
Northern Warriorz : Blood Sweat, & Years, 2003 (Hogglife Ent.)
Northern Warriorz 2, 2006 (HoggLife Entertainment)
Nsanity: Goin For Broke, 2008 (Nsanity Music)
Nsanity: Recognition, 2009 (Nsanity Music)
Nsanity: Chicano Wall Street, 2014 (Nsanity Music)
Our Side of the State, (Higher Records)
P-Boi: Finna Blow Up, ​
Pistol Cee: Revenge is Sweet but Not Great, Deep Sleep Records Presents,  2008 (Deep Sleep Records)
Pistoleros: Woodie, Never, Lil Coner, 2007 (Urbanlife)
Play: Needle in tha Haystack, 2012 (Connected Inc)
Plot: Spit B4 U Shine, (Higher Records)
Plot: Mission 4 Loot, 2003 (Higher Records)
Project Affiliated (Main Vein Sikness)
Reckless: Grind to Shine, 2013 ( Hustle Head Entertainment)
Sav It Out: The Biznezz, (Sav It Out)
Sav It Out: Street Starz N Block Monstaz, 2009 (Sav It Out)
Season Vetz, MAE Presents (MAE Muzik)
Sharktank Compilation 2000: 2000 (Big Thangz Productions)
Sharktank Compilation Repress, 2007 (Big Thangs Ent.)
Sinner Tha Mixtape: Floetry-N-Motion, 2007 (Nsanity Music)
Sir Dyno: Interview With A Chicano, 2000 (DogDay/ Darkroom Familia)
Sleepy Santino: Norte 4 Life, 2003 (Do Tha Thang Ent.)
Sleepy Santino: The Northern Lifestyle, (Do Tha Thang Ent)
Smile Now Cry Later Soundtrack, 2001 (Darkroom Familia )
Smile Now Cry Later, Lil Coner & C-Locs, (Connected Inc)
Snag Loco: Upon Detonation, (Jack N4 Life)
Sonny Boy Lokzter: Point of No Return, 2001 (Raza Loka Records)
Sonny Boy Lokzter: Rock-N-Roll Gangster, 2004 (Raza Loka Records)
Sonny Boy Lokzter: Street Terror, 2010 (Raza Loka Records)
Speedy Loc: Cali Thuggin, 2001 (Ghetto Line/ Starz The Limit/ Cali Thuggin Records)
Speedy Loc: Cali Thuggin Repress, 2004 (Starz The Limit)
Speedy Loc: Still Cali Thuggin, 2005 (Starz the Limit)
Stop Snitchin Mixtape, (Big Thangz)
Streets Be Watching Mixtape, 2006 (Hillside Entertainment)
Tekpot: The Roach Motel, (Criminal Records)
THC True Hard Chicanos, 
Thugoholic: Addicted 2 This Thug Shit, M.A.E. Presents, 2002 (M.A.E. Muzic)
Tito B One 4 tha Homiez, 2008 (Starz the Limit)
Tito B Another One 4 The Homiez, 2014 (Starz The Limit)
Tito B: Pimpin Hustlin Gangsta Mob Shit, 2004 (Starz The Limit)
Tito B: Pimpin Hustlin Gangsta Mob Shit, 2007 (Starz The Limit)
Tito B: Starz the Limit, 2007, (Thizz Latin/ Starz The Limit
Total Devistation, 1993 (Hog Status/ Arista)
Troublez: Thug Poet, 2009 (Troublez Muzik)
Troubles: Tha Allstarz, 2010 (Troublez Muzik)
Troublez: Grandma's House 2015 (Troublez Music/ Collective Music Group)
Travieso G : Mind of a Porosvillan, 2009 (Hillside Entertainment
Twamp Nina: Mind Gamin,1999 ( Kandy Quoted Ent.) 
United We Stand, 2002 (Black N Brown)
V-Dub: Ride Til I Die
V-Dub: Dear Lord Forgive Me, (West End Records)
Villinz Gettin Money: Money Power Respect The Mixtape, (Nasty North/Monster Grip Records)
Who Put Sac On The Map 2: Lets Get It on, 2000 (California Entertainment)
Woodie: Demonz N My Sleep, 2001 (East Coco Records/ Koch/ In The Paint)
Woodie: Demonz N My Sleep, 2004 (East Coco Records)
The World is a Ghetto, 2002 (GhettoLine Productions)
Young Dalley: Never Say Die, (Higher Records)
Young Droop: Killa Valley Moment of Impact, (Killa Valley Entertainment)
Young Razkal: The Young Razkal Story, 2017 ( Visionz Music)
Yung Puppz: Block Monster, 2010 
Yung Puppz: Salad Bowl Nation (Salas Town Records)
Yantz & Big Rome: Accept It N Respect it,